Birds of Red, Orange & Yellow

My last post showcased a few November autumn captures at Lake Greenwood.  Here are the resident birds of red, orange and yellow I captured as well.  Those photographed in the trees offered loads of fall background color-splash.

_dsc0158-1-111416Yellow-rumped Warbler


_dsc0396-1-111416Pine Warbler


_dsc0428-1-111416Pine Warbler


_dsc0372-1-111416Pine Warbler

The Northern Flicker in flight flashes lots of yellow on his underside wings and tail as he approaches a Yellow-bellied Sapsucker on the tree.

_dsc0198-2-111016Northern Flicker (left) and Yellow-bellied Sapsucker (on tree)


_dsc0107-2-111416Northern Flicker


The Northern Cardinal is one of my favorite birds, and I had an awesome time photographing them.  It wasn’t easy to post just this few!  🙂

_dsc0043-2-111216Female Northern Cardinal


_dsc0048-2-111416Male Northern Cardinal


_dsc0064-1-111416Male Northern Cardinal


_dsc0097-1-111416Female Northern Cardinal


_dsc0100-1-111416Female Northern Cardinal

These, of course, weren’t the only birds at the lake during our November visit.  In my next post, some of the others get to show-off their beauty!



44 thoughts on “Birds of Red, Orange & Yellow

    • Thanks so much, Steve! I’m back in Maryland and Delaware for the holidays. Hope you had a wonderful Christmas! I’ve seen some posts on Conowingo and the Eagles, and I always think of you then, did you make it up there this fall? I hope so!

      • Beautiful, Donna! We have plenty of cardinals and a few northern flickers, but I haven’t seen pine warblers here on Kent Island where I live. Thanks, as always, for sharing!

  1. They are all really great images. The orange foliage with the yellow birds was something, but the Cardinals! I LOVE those!!

    You know we don’t have them out here in NO. California.

    Hope you’re having a wonderful Holiday! xx

  2. Beautiful little birds Donna. I love the colours of the foliage behind the Pine Warbler and Cardinal. The Flicker is an interesting bird I am not acquanted with. A beautiful collection all round my friend!

    • Thanks so much, Ashley! The photos don’t show much of the Flicker’s crown, but he has a red ‘cap’ at the back of his head. But he’s a beauty in flight when he flashes his underside yellow. 🙂

  3. Beautiful captures, Donna! How do you remember the names of these birds? We’ve been spotting a lot many different birds on our trips, but it’s hard to put a name to them. 😦

    • Thanks so much! I started photographing birds a few years ago and found how exciting it was to see a ‘new’ species, thereby researching to find out what the names of the new ones. 🙂 It’s been a fun hobby. Even my husband can name birds and he’s not a photographer or a ‘birder’, lol. I guess I kinda rubbed off on him my babble of birds! I still photograph and learn new ones all the time. 🙂

  4. What utterly delightful captures of these marvelous birds. If your warblers are anything like ours… never holding still for more than a split second, you have far more patience than I do!

    • Thanks Gunta, when I have the time with little birds, patience is my middle name. 😉 And still, it is so hard! They kept their eye on me, but I think they didn’t mind me so much for once. 🙂

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