I’ve Got The Blues (Birds That Is…)

My last post featured the red, orange, and yellow birds I photographed this past November at Lake Greenwood, South Carolina.  Just as fun and challenging were the resident birds of blue.

The smallest of the three were the Eastern Bluebirds.  Always cute and adorable.

_dsc0179-1-111416Eastern Bluebird


_dsc0185-2-111416Eastern Bluebird


Then there were the Blue Jays.  They were quite busy darting from tree to tree, looking for and collecting berries.

_dsc0062-1-111816Blue Jay


_dsc0080-1-111816Blue Jay


_dsc0123-1-111816Blue Jay


Blue Jay


_dsc0126-1-111816Blue Jay


_dsc0158-1-111816Blue Jay


And finally, the biggest of all the blues was a daily visitor, a Great Blue Heron.

_dsc0021-1-11816Great Blue Heron


_dsc0044-1-111516Great Blue Heron


_dsc0046-1-111516Great Blue Heron


_dsc0009-2-11816Great Blue Heron hiding under the ramp to the floating docks


_dsc0185-1-11716Great Blue Heron


_dsc0071-1-111516Great Blue Heron

I can’t help but enjoy those blues!

I hope everyone had a beautiful celebration of the Holiday season.  Best wishes for a Happy New Year, and Happy Shooting everyone!


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