FMTM52Week Challenge – Week 2 – Winter

The FMTM Week 2 challenge is interpreting the word, “Winter”.

Living most of my life in the mid-Atlantic region with the last 11 years just off the Chesapeake Bay along the Kent Narrows, winter always meant cold, ice, and snow.  It also meant the arrival of many migratory birds.  And you know I do love birds.

My last post, Snowing Snow Geese, would have been perfect for this challenge.  Their arrival definitely means winter to me.

I have many MANY more winter bird photos.  More of them than you have time for, lol.  But to get out of that comfort zone of mine, I  wanted to come up with something different and simple that still meant winter.  I ended up loving this one!


A leaf doing yoga in the snow

Guess it would be a great interpretation of exercise too!   Which BTW I still need to do today.  🙂


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