Birds In Flight at Bombay Hook NWR

I enjoy photographing birds, even more so the challenge of photographing them in flight.  My recent visit to Bombay Hook NWR did not disapoint.

At the start of the wildlife drive, I was immediately welcomed by an American Bald Eagle.

_DSC0013-1 11317.jpg

American Bald Eagle


After the thrill of clicking away, I had hopes that this was a sign of more good things to come.

It was.  It turned out to be an awesome day practicing flight photography.



Tundra Swans



Great Blue Heron



Mallards (male & female)



Northern Harrier



Another Northern Harrier



Bufflehead (female)



Northern Shovelers



Snow Geese



American Bald Eagle (with nesting material in tow)




American Black Ducks




Northern Pintails


Happy weekend, everyone!


43 thoughts on “Birds In Flight at Bombay Hook NWR

  1. I love every one of these photos! Beautiful, well timed, and interesting to view. Last year I went to Bombay Hook but did not see any of the birds that you did this time. Only a few Canada Geese.

  2. Amazing photos Donna! I love the Northern Harriers and the female ruddy with reflection. Thanks for sharing!

  3. Absolutely fantastic captures. It is definitely challenging photographing birds in-flight …. I take that back, challenging getting an in focus shot πŸ˜† I have hundreds of photos of birds in-flight which look more like a blurry blah lol!

    • Thanks Ingrid! It is hard to lock in on focus when firing, that’s what I love about their flight challenge. πŸ™‚ And boy oh boy, I trash many that are blurry also, lol.

  4. An absolutely beautiful selection of ‘Birds in Flight’. I know how challenging this is and do not consider myself a bird photographer because I have not mastered it like you have! Great post!

    • Thanks Jerry! It had been a while since I’d been back to Bombay Hook, I had forgotten how really nice it is, the wildlife drive is about 12 miles around. You would love it, I hope you get to visit some day!

    • Thanks Cornell! The Snow Geese do look gentle, but boy oh boy, you should here them honk! Loud isn’t a strong enough word, lol. I love Northern Pintails, their contrast, sharp coloring is amazingly beautiful. My best NPintails closeup photos in flight to date so I am so tickled! πŸ™‚

  5. Oh Donna, you have excelled yourself here, what a beautiful showcase of flight shots, and what a variety. It is the kind of place I would want to catch a flight to immediately:-) It is also good to see the similarity of some of your northern species with our southern ones.

    • Thanks Ashley! Knowing your love of refuges and parks, you’d be thrilled with Bombay I’m sure. It was a much needed day out to be with nature for me! How blessed a day it was! πŸ™‚

  6. amazing! I cant imagine the challenge of photographing a moving target! i love the photo of the bufflehead, as you can see a perfect reflection in the lake below! thank you for your post

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