FMTM52Week Challenge – Week 5 – Wide Angle

This week’s FMTM52Week 5 challenge is “Wide Angle”.  Our adventures last summer included a week staying at a campground at the entrance of Bryce Canyon National Park.  Having seen posts and photos prior to our visit, I was still beyond awe of the astounding beauty of Bryce Canyon.

At 8,000-9,000 feet altitude, you could see for miles and miles.  It was jaw-dropping!  Here is one of my many wide-angle shots to prove it.



Bryce Canyon National Park, Utah

But too really appreciate Bryce Canyon NP, you need to visit to see it for yourself.  It’ll blow you mind away, promise!


40 thoughts on “FMTM52Week Challenge – Week 5 – Wide Angle

    • Thanks Deborah! We did not make it over to Zion so that is still on the bucket list. I have to agree with you too on just seeing Bryce’s beauty, it ranks over Grand Canyon. 🙂

    • Thanks Ashley! The rock formations at Bryce are called “hoodoos” or “goblins”. Bryce Canyon experiences over 200 freeze/thaw cycles each year, forming these stunning formations. They certainly do look like soldiers lined up! 🙂

  1. Bryce Canyon is pure natural beauty! Being there several times myself, I enjoyed every minute of my visit to the Park. Photography is spectacular under a gorgeous blue sky and such clean environment, no humidity, no haze, no air pollution! Thank you Donna, good work! 🙂

  2. We loved Bryce Canyon and agree, photos do not do the place justice. We hiked the Navajo-Queens loop twice and still did not get enough of the place. I hope to get my daughter there to hike Fairyland.

    • I am so glad you visited last summer before us and shared your post, it had me planning a beeline straight for Bryce as soon as I could get Rick and the wheels rolling again. 🙂

  3. My late hubby did some construction work at Ruby’s Inn at the entrance to the Park when we lived in Utah. It’s an amazing place to explore. Back in those days we had an old-fashioned Jeep with the sides off and I drove down from Orem to visit him at Bryce. I took back roads and arrived all covered in the ubiquitous red dust, with just my eyes peeping out as if I still had my sunglasses on. Wish I’d thought to take a selfie of that spectacle. O_o

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