Great Blue Heron at Bombay Hook NWR

During my visit to Bombay Hook NWR last month, I sighted several Great Blue Herons throughout the refuge.  Sometimes they are too busy to care about the birders watching them or the photographers photographing them from vehicles along the wildlife drive.

Here was one of those Great Blue Herons.  He was too busy fishing in the icy waters to care.







I left this one to his fishing while two other vehicles continued to watch and photograph away.  Thanks, Mr. GBH for the photo op session, it was much appreciated!


29 thoughts on “Great Blue Heron at Bombay Hook NWR

  1. Wonderful photos of some beautiful birds. I’m still trying to figure out when they lay eggs here along the Texas Gulf Coast. The nest building seems to be complete.

  2. Beautiful clear shots Donna, though I have to say Great as they are they are not as Blue in colour as our white-faced Heron, though very similar to your Little Blue Heron. I love the speed at which Herons they extend their neck to catch their pray while their body remains perfectly still. Have a great weekend!

  3. I love the photos – when you can get these beautiful birds with reflection, it just doubles the beauty and the pleasure/ reward of capturing such great photos!

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