Mallards And A Surprise

A year-round resident of the Mid-Atlantic, Mallards can easily be found in many parks, ponds, wetlands, and estuaries.  Bombay Hook NWR is no exception.  At my last visit, they were the predominant duck to see.  In the distance, there were hundreds.

When the sun is shining, the male Mallard’s beautiful green head lights up.  Sometimes giving up their hiding spots.


_dsc0121-1-11117Male Mallards

Mallards are one of the most recognized of all ducks and is the ancestor of several domestic breeds.


_dsc0365-1-21417Male & Female Mallards

Mallards are “dabbling ducks”—they feed in the water by tipping forward and grazing on underwater plants. They almost never dive.


_dsc0269-1-11117Male & Female Mallards with two American Black Ducks at the far left


_dsc0372-1-21417Male Mallards

While photographing the Mallards, a surprise flew into the group, a Greater Yellowlegs.


_DSC0288-4 11117.jpgA Greater Yellowlegs among the Mallards

I thought maybe I was seeing a rarity with the Greater Yellowlegs but learned that some may reside year-round the area as well.  E-bird had been showing the sightings of the Greater Yellowlegs at Bombay Hook throughout this winter.  I still felt lucky to see him at my visit!


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