Another Great Blue Heron At Bombay Hook NWR

My last ‘bird’ post showcased a beautiful Great Blue Heron, busily fishing, without a care of the vehicles of people watching and photographing him.  It was time to eat and he was on a mission!

I happened upon another Great Blue Heron that same day who was just chilling, taking in the warm sun rays that came through the partly cloudy skies on that chilly day.  I slowly approached, stopped, and starting photographing him through my passenger window, trying to get my exposure right in the mid-day light.



He had a leery eye on me, giving me the vibe I had interrupted his alone time.  And just as quickly he took flight.




Those wings!  Their slow, deep wing-beats move with grace and strength allowing the Great Blue Heron to cruise with ease.




The Great Blue Heron’s adult wingspan ranges 5 1/2 to 6 1/2 feet.  That is wider than I am tall!




Despite their overall impressive size, the Great Blue Heron weighs only 5 to 6 pounds.




He flew low over and dropped down within the marsh grass.  And outta sight.  “That’ll teach you,” I could almost hear him saying.




I always fret when causing a bird to fly off, as I don’t mean to scare them.  But I am always in awe of the Great Blue Heron’s beautiful flight.  And those wings!


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