Taking A Break……

As you know, I’ve mentioned in past posts on having some medical issues and apologized I haven’t been able to post as I use to.  I am going to take a long break, and this will be my last post for a month or so.  I will be getting a total knee replacement this week, and I know I’ll need this break to work on my recovery.  I hope to be back as soon as I am able!

Before I leave, here’s a couple more birds I captured at Blackwater NWR the same day I photographed the American Bald Eagle in my previous post.

_DSC0150-1 43017

Red-winged Blackbird


_DSC0503-1 43017

Osprey (one of my top five favorite birds!)

If I’m able to, I’ll try to keep up with my fellow bloggers’ posts, even if only to ‘like’ to let you know I’ve stopped by, but I might not leave any comments.  I’m just not so savvy on small devices/cell phones on typing.   🙂

Happy shooting and happy posting while I am away, my friends!  I will miss you!


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