Solar Eclipse Totality – August 21, 2017 – Lake Greenwood, South Carolina

My absence became much longer than I planned, and I truly appreciate all the well-wishes and prayers so many of you left me.  They were so very encouraging, I read them over and over.  Thank you so much!

I’m back with sharing a shot of mine of the Solar Eclipse event today that occurred across the United States.  We went to Lake Greenwood, South Carolina, at the center of the path of totality to watch it.

There was a lot of hype with this event.  And it was worth it!  I was absolutely amazed from start to finish.  And when totality occurred, WOW!  It was spectacular and unforgettable.

I didn’t take my tripod.  I wanted to experience the totality in full, not worry about setup, settings, and ‘getting the shot’.  I did have my camera & wide angle lens, and fired off a quick series of the totality, guessing at settings & hoping I could hold it steady enough.  Then I was back to watching it with my solar glasses, while listening to the birds and insects chirp in the cooler darkness.  Again….WOW!

I am surprised I captured something I liked and decided it’s time to get back to blogging, to share.


And now it’s time for me to start back visiting your blogs, my friends.  I have really missed your posts, and look forward to getting back to enjoying them!

Enjoy your week, be safe!

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