It’s Halloween….What Are You Scared Of?

A local newspaper headlined, “It’s Halloween….What Are You Scared Of?”



I really do have a phobia with spiders.  I will go absolutely crazy with fear if one should happen to land on me or near me.  Trust me.  Ask my husband.  Ask my kids.

A couple days ago, I was going through photo folders and came across shots of two different spiders.  What was I thinking?!!  Well, I was out and about photographing nature, and I guess they both had been odd/interesting, and with a camera in hand each time, well…..I took a few photos.  Not too close mind you.

Then I got the heck away!

_DSC0332-1 10214

They were both around coastal areas.  The above one was hanging out at a salt marsh.  I can see now why I decided to photograph him as he does look interesting with his shape and colors.

And then there was the BIG one I watched walk out of the Atlantic Ocean surf… a scene out of a horror movie.

_DSC0288-1 101714


_DSC0291-1 101714

The spider walked out of the water that had washed ashore and up on the sand…..towards my direction and chair.  At first, I thought it was a crab……until I got up to further investigate.  Okay, he was interesting too.  As long as he kept his distance and me mine.

Thank goodness he turned direction from my chair!

I’m guessing the ocean spider was already on the sand and somehow got caught in the surf.

I didn’t try to identify either one for you…..I’d have to look at way too many spider photos to try.  Sorry, that is definitely too much for me!   🙂

Are you afraid of spiders?   😉


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