It’s Halloween….What Are You Scared Of?

A local newspaper headlined, “It’s Halloween….What Are You Scared Of?”



I really do have a phobia with spiders.  I will go absolutely crazy with fear if one should happen to land on me or near me.  Trust me.  Ask my husband.  Ask my kids.

A couple days ago, I was going through photo folders and came across shots of two different spiders.  What was I thinking?!!  Well, I was out and about photographing nature, and I guess they both had been odd/interesting, and with a camera in hand each time, well…..I took a few photos.  Not too close mind you.

Then I got the heck away!

_DSC0332-1 10214

They were both around coastal areas.  The above one was hanging out at a salt marsh.  I can see now why I decided to photograph him as he does look interesting with his shape and colors.

And then there was the BIG one I watched walk out of the Atlantic Ocean surf… a scene out of a horror movie.

_DSC0288-1 101714


_DSC0291-1 101714

The spider walked out of the water that had washed ashore and up on the sand…..towards my direction and chair.  At first, I thought it was a crab……until I got up to further investigate.  Okay, he was interesting too.  As long as he kept his distance and me mine.

Thank goodness he turned direction from my chair!

I’m guessing the ocean spider was already on the sand and somehow got caught in the surf.

I didn’t try to identify either one for you…..I’d have to look at way too many spider photos to try.  Sorry, that is definitely too much for me!   🙂

Are you afraid of spiders?   😉


31 thoughts on “It’s Halloween….What Are You Scared Of?

  1. Great post! Enjoyed your story and pics. I hate spiders too! We had a giant wolf spider in our house. When I say giant he was about 4 inches long. My husband shooed it out the door. It ran up a wall outside. I decided to get a pic so I was sitting crosslegged on the ground leaning against the wall. When I clicked a pic it leapt at me!! I shrieked and backpedaled!! I hate spiders on me! Thankfully he didn’t get me. Whew! But I did get a good pic 😉

  2. Spiders…ummm, I do not like them but I do not really fear them. Years ago I spent some time in the Amazon jungle, there it’s impossible not to bump into very large arachnids. So I had plenty of stories.
    I do not want to dwell into that because you’d gross out. Actually you can find small spiders in the stratosphere, floating via long strands of webs. Thank you Donna for narrating your phobia. 🙂

    • I can only imagine your stories….they’d probably make a great horror movie! And I know about those ‘floating’ spiders, lol, thank goodness they are usually very, very tiny. Thanks HJ! 🙂

  3. I used to be horrified by spiders. Now I can look at them, but only if they are not the larges ones with the hairy bodies. When I find one inside the house, I catch them in a glass and carry them outside.
    If they are delicate and colorful, I can even admire them…from a distance! 🙂

  4. I used to be horrified by spiders, but my photo has abated. I can even look at them (unless they are large and hairy), and admire them if they are delicate and colorful-but only from a distance! 🙂

  5. I was terrified of them in our barn growing up although they never made a move towards a human. Since then I actively avoided them until I started photographing nature a few years ago. Now I like to get a good photo, but always using a zoom lens! These are great pics and story!

  6. I tend to be afraid of them if they move fast and in my direction, although I am often rescuing the ones that fall into the tub or sink then releasing them into the outdoors.

  7. How utterly brave of you managing these shots. Spiders don’t bother me much, though I probably wouldn’t want one for a friend. Snakes… they tend to bug me more! Very nice Halloween post!

    • Would you believe snakes don’t bother me so much? I’ve even picked one up when weeding and gently tossed it to the side to let it get away. I don’t even think I screamed. Now a spider…..well, my screams can be heard for miles and miles I’m sure! 🙂

      • That’s funny! I’ve even been known to pick up a spider to toss it outside, but the snake… I have to wait for weeks before I dare approach the spot where it was seen and then I’m STILL uneasy. Go figure!

  8. Interesting experience Donna. I am usually the spider remover in the household. I can remember birding on Lord Howe Island and large spiders hung above the track at three foot intervals, it was a real challenge for my wife as I tried to convince her it was safe if you keep moving. It paid off as we saw a rare bird we were seeking at the end of the trial. Have a great week my friend!

    • Oh boy, Ashley, you’d have a hard time getting me to follow you below hanging spiders!! 🙂 But, gosh, for a rare bird, I’d be soooo tempted, so maybe?? lol Have a great week too, my friend!

  9. nice spiders! Have to say that Australia is the place to see spiders (or to accidentally walk into their webs).

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