The Fast & Furious Merlin

Merlins are small, fierce falcons.  They are just slightly larger than the American Kestrel.  I feel fortunate to have sighted this Merlin, who appeared to had already sighted me first.

_DSC0052-1 101914


Merlins are powerful, fast flyers.  They travel around 30 mph (48 km), but are much faster during a high-speed chase.

Merlins eat mostly small birds.  They typically chase the small bird upwards until it tires, then attack and catch it in midair.

High up on a snag, this Merlin was perched with his prey.


_DSC0058-2 101914


After he gave me a nice smile and profile stance in the next photo……


_DSC0067-1 101914


the Merlin went back to his prey, obviously knowing I was no threat.


_DSC0068-1 101914


Having only photographed a Merlin in flight, it was a pure delight for me to capture this series!


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