Great Blue Heron

I had a wonderful opportunity watching and photographing a Great Blue Heron recently at Prime Hook NWR.

_DSC0226-1 11517


With exquisite grace, he slowly moved in the canal, looking for and snagging a darting meal in the water.

He also kept an eye on the few visitors walking by.


_DSC0217-2 11517


I worked on trying to capture a couple close-ups…..


_DSC0200-1 11517


……and received some piercing GBH eyes back at me.


_DSC0194-1 11517


Whoa, what a staredown!  I dropped down my camera, turned my head away, and remained motionless.

Feeling no threat, he comfortably forged on, again ever so slowly and with grace.


_DSC0180-1 11517


As he moved on and away, I left him to his task.  I ventured off, but came back past this area 10-15 minutes later.  I searched the canal and saw that he had disappeared.  I glanced at a couple sitting on a bench who smiled at me and pointed up to the Osprey nest platform off to the right.

And there he was.  For everyone to see.  What a beauty!


_DSC0424-2 11517


I know I will never tire photographing the gorgeous Great Blue Heron.  Not only were they my Mom’s favorite bird, but for me they are also a teacher of patience.  Something that we all need these days in life’s hustle-bustle.

(These are for you, Mom.  We just passed three years without you at Thanksgiving, and I still miss you daily.  Happy Birthday today.)


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