Great Blue Heron

I had a wonderful opportunity watching and photographing a Great Blue Heron recently at Prime Hook NWR.

_DSC0226-1 11517


With exquisite grace, he slowly moved in the canal, looking for and snagging a darting meal in the water.

He also kept an eye on the few visitors walking by.


_DSC0217-2 11517


I worked on trying to capture a couple close-ups…..


_DSC0200-1 11517


……and received some piercing GBH eyes back at me.


_DSC0194-1 11517


Whoa, what a staredown!  I dropped down my camera, turned my head away, and remained motionless.

Feeling no threat, he comfortably forged on, again ever so slowly and with grace.


_DSC0180-1 11517


As he moved on and away, I left him to his task.  I ventured off, but came back past this area 10-15 minutes later.  I searched the canal and saw that he had disappeared.  I glanced at a couple sitting on a bench who smiled at me and pointed up to the Osprey nest platform off to the right.

And there he was.  For everyone to see.  What a beauty!


_DSC0424-2 11517


I know I will never tire photographing the gorgeous Great Blue Heron.  Not only were they my Mom’s favorite bird, but for me they are also a teacher of patience.  Something that we all need these days in life’s hustle-bustle.

(These are for you, Mom.  We just passed three years without you at Thanksgiving, and I still miss you daily.  Happy Birthday today.)


39 thoughts on “Great Blue Heron

  1. Beautiful Donna! And I can just imagine how you felt witnessing this patient fisherman. I can spend hours watching and photographing the herons in our cove as they spend their hours patiently fishing. It usually results in catching a meal for them, and, as you say, a respite for me from our busy, bustling world. Of course it helps to be retired! 🙂

    • Thanks Ellen! If you stood close enough to that stare, it seems he’d poke your eye out, lol. It is pretty cool how motionless they can be, sometimes I will beg them to repose. 🙂

  2. There certainly IS something so very special about these birds. We get quite a few of them here, but they are extremely skittish… Perhaps because duck hunting is allowed, or reasons unknown to me.
    This time of year certainly has particularly poignant memories when loved ones pass. My mom left me nearly seven years ago on her 96th birthday, which happened to also be Christmas eve. The pain never quite goes away, but it eases somewhat over time. For me it’s been easier thinking back on the good times!
    Sending hugs and comforting thoughts!

    • Their coloring is beautiful in itself. And then to see them fly with those huge wings, wow!

      Thanks, Gunta, for your kind words. And I’m so sorry for your loss of you mom, too, and on Christmas Eve, I know that makes it harder. My mom passed two days before Thanksgiving at 74 unexpectedly; each year it’s going to be different in correlation to Thanksgiving since that holiday date changes each year. Thanks for the hugs and comforting thoughts, I’m sending some back to you as well! 🙂

  3. The GBH is definitely a teacher of patience, and you are a good student, Donna, demonstrated by this beautiful series. I love it that the couple on the bench helped you re-locate him

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