Snow Geese Lift-Off

Running errands a few days ago, I had taken a back road to avoid traffic and came across a flock of Snow Geese behind the Amazon distribution center in Middletown, Delaware.  They have been arriving and passing through our mid-Atlantic region for a few weeks now from their breeding grounds on the Canadian and Northern Alaskan tundra.

_DSC0213-1 121317

Snow Geese don’t like to travel without the company of at least another couple dozen geese and can easily form flocks of several hundred thousand.

This was a nice size flock.  Many more were dropping in.

_DSC0284-1 121317


_DSC0282-1 121317


Lucky for me, within five minutes, a lift-off occurred.

Thousands of Snow Geese were airborne.

_DSC0222-1 121317


The noise was incredible, even at a distance!

_DSC0250-1 121317


The Snow Geese headed my way.  They passed by and over me.  The noise was deafening.  And exciting!

_DSC0345-1 121317

It’s was as if it were snowing Snow Geese.

Then I heard a splat here and a splat there.   Then a bigger splat on the roof of my car.  Ewwww…..

It was apparently snowing more than Snow Geese.



I could see the Snow Geese were only heading a short distance and were dropping down again from the sky.  I followed over and found them landing on a pond.

DSC_7806-1 121317

Something either startled them to take flight or some of them decided on a whim to fly over to the pond maybe for the evening, so they all followed.  I thought the homeowners were pretty lucky for the fly-in.  And I was lucky for the lift-off!  And to have carried my camera with me.   🙂


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