Pied-billed Grebes

Happily sunning in the marshy waters along Murrell’s Inlet, I found three Pied-billed Grebes.

I never did get a decent shot of all three in one frame, but did of two.

_DSC0081-1 11518

_DSC0131-1 11518

A common Grebe throughout North America, these small birds are excellent divers.  Although this late afternoon, they never once dived.  They just floated around, enjoying the warm sunshine.

_DSC0131-3 11518

And I enjoyed the way the sun was lighting the waters around them.

_DSC0166-2 11518

That being said, now you know why I posted so many photos of them.  It was hard enough narrowing down to just these few.

_DSC0173-1 11518

A little preening…..giving delightful water circles.

_DSC0156-2 11518

_DSC0160-2 11518

It was definitely a fun time with these little cuties!


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