Killdeer Fly-By

If it weren’t for the oncoming calls I heard saying over and over, “kill-deer, kill-deer, kill-deer”, I would have missed this small flock of birds doing a fly-by.  This bird calls it’s own name, the Killdeer.

_DSC0049-1 1318

They kept calling as they passed by, about a couple dozen total.

_DSC0105-1 1318

Below is a crop of above.

_DSC0105-2 1318

The Killdeer fly-by and sound were magical!

_DSC0106-1 1318

And then just like that, they were gone.  Their continued calls fading in the distance.


28 thoughts on “Killdeer Fly-By

  1. Beautiful flight shots of this small bird Donna, and what a gift to be at the right place at the right time, or should i more accurately call it ‘blessing’:-)

    • Thanks Tanja! I do love their red-ringed eyes and have enjoyed photographing them over the years. But the fly-by was magical, I am glad I was there to see them…..and get some shots. 🙂

    • Unique call, isn’t it?!! I’ve taken photos of them on the ground, they have a beautiful red ring around their eye. And you are right, their fluffy chicks are absolutely adorable! Thanks Cornell for your comments!

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