A Great Blue Heron Fishing

Driving by a man-made water canal connected directly to the ocean, I spotted this gorgeous Great Blue Heron.  We rode back around the block and dropped me off for these quick captures.

The Great Blue Heron never looked at me; but he did fluff up his wings and gorgeous feathers, I assumed because of my presence.  He knew I was there.

DSC_8196-1 12318


Those wings and feathers settled back down as his eyes targeted something below in the water.  He stretched out and down.

DSC_8184-1 12318


The water level was about 4-5 feet below the Great Blue Heron.  I knew he couldn’t reach that far without diving down.  Because of the odd situation, I knew he’d most likely fished here before, but at high tide, not the present low tide.

I turned to leave him be and walked back behind him to the car when the Great Blue Heron pulled back and curled up tight, fluffing those wings and beautiful feathers again.

DSC_8197-1 12318


I am sure he was glad I was leaving.  Or maybe the Great Blue Heron was thinking twice about diving down and getting those gorgeous feathers wet and dirty.   🙂


40 thoughts on “A Great Blue Heron Fishing

  1. Love your photos of this beautiful and elegant bird Donna. It always reminds me of a bird here in Australia, a white faced heron. Looks very similar and I think they are in the same Family. Quite interesting to think one lives in the northern hemisphere and the other in the southern hemisphere. Must be cousins!

  2. Beautiful Donna! So sharp and clear, you can see every feather. I loved your comment about going around the block and being dropped off to get the pictures. I do that all the time to my husband! 🙂

    • Thanks Susan! Hopefully, your husband doesn’t roll his eyes like mine does, lol. We trade off these excursions. I’ve already attended two boat shows in a month. Tit for tat! 🙂

    • Thanks Ashley, it’s getting that time of year for the birds around here to get themselves ready and get busy! Breeding plumage is stunning in so many bird species, it’s an exciting time for us as well! 🙂

  3. Lovely shots of this beautiful Great Blue, Donna! I have also seen them staring down in the water for a long time and then deciding not to get their feathers wet. Maybe the fish was not big enough 🙂

  4. It is always a joy to watch the GBH. They are such patient and deliberate hunters, they teach us patience. I appreciate that you gave him his space, too. You’re a respectful photographer, Donna…and so very talented.

    • Thank you so much for your kind words, Jet. They’re indeed a joy to watch, sometimes they can make us laugh with their scratching and stretching in some crazy positions. 🙂 And I know their patience has taught me better patience!

  5. I wish I had half their patience! 😀 You caught this one quite nicely (as always!) lol Just looked at Jet’s comment and your reply about learning patience. Great minds working alike, eh?

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