A Great Egret Goes Fishing

While the Great Blue Heron in my last post patiently fished a specific spot, this Great Egret fished on the move.  I photographed him from a fishing pier across a canal at low tide for less than five minutes.

Early in the breeding season adults grow long, ornamental plumes (feathers) on their backs, which they raise in beautiful courtship displays.

Notice this Great Egret’s breeding plumes, now in the stage of growth as he/she is changing from non-breeding to breeding.

_DSC0076-1 12018


A strike…..but no luck.

_DSC0080-1 12018


The Great Egret continued its mission and came across the canal towards me, stalking around several old piers.

_DSC0134-1 12018


_DSC0106-1 12018


At this point, the Great Egret was approaching to pass right below me.  It cared less about me and more about finding something to eat.

Pity the prey that gets attacked by that dagger beak!

_DSC0111-1 12018


These next two close-ups show another breeding change occurring with this Great Egret.  Notice the beak and loral skin is in the beginning stages of changing from yellow to the full-breeding neon green.

_DSC0109-1 12018


_DSC0120-1 12018



To show you how beautiful the above Great Egret will soon be, I’m sharing the next photo I took a few year’s ago of a Great Egret’s full facial change when it reaches full-breeding plumage.

egret closeup 01


How beautiful and unique most birds of our world change in color and plumage for breeding.  It’s an added gift from our Creator for us to watch and enjoy that much more of our birds, all while these breeding changes serve the birds’ purpose to mate and reproduce.


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