Catching Up With Those South Carolina Birds – Part 1

A month ago I shared my last post of a Cormorant snoozing, with the thought of how nice it would be to do the same.  Excuse my long absence since, I promise I didn’t take that long of a nap!

Having recently left the South Carolina coast, we’ve relocated back to the Eastern Shore Maryland Chesapeake Bay region and planted some home roots for a while.  It’s a chaos of boxes and “where is?”!

Time for a break.  Get back to my blog, my blogger friends, and blog reading.  I’m so sorry I’ve lost touch with all of you, I’ve missed you.  I’ll be back to visiting!

Let me get started back by sharing some favorites in this and a few upcoming posts from my last South Carolina birding opportunities, while intermittently posting what’s new through my lens in our new area.

_DSC0113-1 11518

Great Egret


_DSC0080-2 2518

Carolina Chickadee


_DSC0138-2 2518

Yellow-rumped Warbler


_DSC0127-1 2518

Northern Cardinal (female)


_DSC0157-1 12718

Double-breasted Cormorant


_DSC0208-1 2518

Great Egret


_DSC0232-2 2618

Brown Pelican


_DSC0391-1 2518.jpg

Ring-billed Gull


_DSC0144-1 12718

Ruddy Duck (female)


_DSC0137-2 12718

Great Egret


_DSC0125-2 12718

Great Egret


Thank you for taking your time in catching up with me, and have a wonderful week!


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