Bella and Beau 2018: An Introduction

(Osprey nest location:  Cambridge, Maryland, USA)

April 18, 2018

We are excited with our return to the Chesapeake Bay Eastern Shore Maryland region, planting some roots in downtown Cambridge, Maryland.  Settled in 1684 and located along the Choptank River, Cambridge is one of the oldest colonial cities in Maryland.  It is a charming seaport community that is in the midst of an exciting renaissance of revitalization and historic preservation.

From our third-floor height balcony, I oversee Cambridge Creek that leads out to the Choptank River.


DSC_8781-1 41518.jpg

If you look closely at the above photo again, you might just see over the water to the far right what I also oversee….an Osprey nest on a pole over the docks…..

DSC_8781-2 41518


I’d like you to meet Bella and Beau!

_DSC0068-2 41818

Beau on the post, Bella in the nest

Osprey return to the Chesapeake Bay mid to late March.  So these two arrived about 2-3 weeks before us and have been working on building their nest.  It starts to show promise, then either the wind or just failure to stay drops the sticks to the water and dock below.  They appear to be a new and/or young couple, trying to figure it all out.

_DSC0096-1 41318.jpg

Bella working on the nest while Beau keeps watch


_DSC0128-1 41418

Bella brings a piece of plastic to the nest


_DSC0056-1 41818

Beau taking a clump of grass and dirt to the nest


They enjoy flying together above their home…..

_DSC0154-1 41418

even getting close enough to give little love taps…..

_DSC0158-1 41418

building their bond as a team and hopefully soon-to-be parents this season.

_DSC0138-2 41318



_DSC0127-2 41318 Beau


Stay tuned for posts on the antics and adventures of Bella and Beau!


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