Catching Up With Those South Carolina Birds – Part 2

Here are a few more of my favorites from the South Carolina coast.

_DSC0007-1 22018

Brown Pelican (juvenile)


_DSC0041-2 2618



_DSC0065-1 12018

Double-crested Cormorant


_DSC0386-1 2518

Brown Pelican




_DSC0210-1 3918Sanderlings


_DSC0014-1 2618

Double-crested Cormorants


As always, thank you for stopping by and have a great weekend!


43 thoughts on “Catching Up With Those South Carolina Birds – Part 2

  1. I like these shots, especially the “coy” Brown pelican with some reflection and the antics of the two Double-crested Cormorants at the end. I have been busy but looking forward to getting out and seeing my feathered friends in nature-it is finally warming up to Spring-like conditions.

    • Thanks Jane, the adult pelicans tolerated us humans on the fishing pier but that little fella just wasn’t so sure about me and had gotten separated from the group. Glad to hear you’re finally thawing out some, the birds will be anxious to sing in spring for sure!

  2. I sure like your SC friends, Donna. These photos are great, capturing the birds in unusual poses. I have never seen a killdeer flying with open wings like this, for example, they’re such ground-dwelling birds. And the cormorant vocalizing so vehemently, as if occupying a gull body. Fantastic light, reflections, and poses. Delightful post — thank you.

    • Thank you Jet, they were a lot of fun, sometimes it was so easy to photograph from the fishing pier overlooking marshes and inlets. I saw the Killdeer take flight from a mud flat over the inlet, then circling back around right in front of me back to his mud flat, total burst of 18 photos. 🙂 I liked his outstretch one here the best to share. And that Cormorant, lol, he was acting just like a gull, I busted a laugh out loud after snapping him.

    • Thanks Hien, it was nice, the birds were a lot of fun. But boy SC had the worse winter ever as well as the mid-Atlantic, so it really get much in the way of warm temps that we were hoping.

  3. As always, beautiful! I may have said this before, but since you are in Cambridge you will have to find Oakley Street ‘beach’. I discovered it this past winter, though I’ve heard about it for several years. The ducks come so close that getting sharp photos is like ‘taking candy from a baby’. Enjoy!

    • Thanks Susan, I will check it out for sure! I’ve been over to Long Wharf, and there were still a small raft of Scaup floating in the cove. It’s an exciting area…..along with Blackwater NWR only 12 miles from me. 🙂

    • Thanks Sue, those Sanderlings are tiny little shorebirds and they are indeed cuties! They kept flying by my balcony on the beach, I had a tough time getting a couple shots in focus. 🙂

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