Beauties at Blackwater NWR

In addition to my last posts on Muskrat Love and Red-winged Blackbirds, here are a few more of my favorites taken from the wildlife drive at Blackwater NWR during a partly cloudy, late afternoon a few days ago.

_DSC0151-1 42218

Northern Shoveler (male) and American Coots


_DSC0018-1 42518

Yellow-shafted Northern Flicker


_DSC0004-2 42518



_DSC0117-3 42218

Great Blue Heron


_DSC0130-3 42218

Another Great Blue Heron


_DSC0167-1 42218

American Bald Eagle


_DSC0155-1 42518 Grtr Ylegs

Greater Yellowlegs


_DSC0156-1 42518

Greater Yellowlegs


It has always been a pleasure to visit Blackwater NWR.  And now I am only 12 miles away for this gem of a place.  When I get my nature itch, you know where I will be going.  🙂


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