Bella & Beau 2018: Building and Protecting Their Nest

(Osprey nest location:  Cambridge, Maryland, USA)

May 4, 2018

I am happy to report Beau’s instinct to increase the nest size has kicked in.  Either that or Bella is telling him so.  When Bella takes a break, I’ve seen her return with nesting materials as well.

Sunny days…..


and cloudy days.
It’s a never-ending job now.


_DSC0141-1 42718

Bella turning her egg(s) while Beau works on the nest.


Materials have included a lot of soft items like clumps of grass and leaves.


The hard work in nest building continues to have its downfalls though…..literally into the water or on the dock.

_DSC0096-1 5218

Bella works on placing a stick while Beau takes his turn on the egg(s).


_DSC0097-1 5218

Bella looses the stick and it falls to the water, alongside the many other sticks lost to the dock.


_DSC0100-1 5218

Bella looks down at the water and stick.  Is that a look of disgust?


Bella determines the wood of the platform is a problem with stick placement and tries to bite at it to move it.  She worked on it for several minutes.  Meanwhile, Beau catches a little nap.

_DSC0103-1 5218

Bella wants that wood removed, it’s in the way!


And so here’s the nest as of May 4.  It is growing in size, but needs to get much, much bigger for the safety of a family.

_DSC0012-1 5418 nest

Bella & Beau’s nest today, May 4.


And while trying to incubate eggs, fish for meals, and build their nest, Bella and Beau are also on the look-out constantly for enemies.  Enemies that fly over their nest and in their fly-space.  Enemies that could steal their precious egg(s).

I previously mentioned there is a pair of Osprey that either didn’t mate or maybe lost their eggs, that continue to fly overhead, circling the nest.  Almost as if to irritate Bella and Beau.  On occasion, Beau will chase them if they come too close but mostly he and Bella screams loudly to let the intruding Osprey know they are not welcomed.



A Great Blue Heron has been visiting the docks each day for the past week.  I’ve seen Osprey attack a Great Blue Heron if it is too close for the Osprey’s comfort.  So far Bella and Beau are just keeping an eye on this Heron.  Lucky for him!

Beau watching the Great Blue Heron who this time is on their dock where the nest platform pole is attached.


We have the occasional American Bald Eagle pass over, minding his/her own business.  Beau and Bella do not like Eagles.  One of them will pursue it to chase it away.

_DSC0188-1 41418

American Bald Eagle cruising over the Osprey nest.


Beau was perched on a sailboat mast by the nest.  Bella started screaming and Beau took off after the Eagle, with the balance of his fish still in his talons.

_DSC0199-1 41418

Beau in pursuit of the American Bald Eagle.


Another Eagle passing by, this time at sunset.  And this time Beau is quick in his speed and catches up to the Eagle.

Beau speeds after an American Bald Eagle.


_DSC0026-1 5418

Beau bears his talons, tries to dive at the Eagle, but misses.  The Eagle ignores Beau and keeps going.


Beau is not the only one to show his intent to attack an intruder.  A Red-tailed Hawk flew too close while Beau was incubating and Bella was perched on the nest, taking a break.  Bella was into the air and sped after the Red-tailed Hawk.

_DSC0109-1 42818 F

Bella in pursuit of the Red-tailed Hawk.


_DSC0116-1 42818 F

Bella tries to attack the Red-tailed hawk.


_DSC0120-1 42818 F

The Red-tailed Hawk does not like the attempted attack….


_DSC0124-1 42818 F

…..circles around and begins chasing Bella.


_DSC0113-1 42818 F

Now the Red-tailed Hawk tries to attack Bella.


The two chased each other back and forth until the Red-tailed Hawk sped off and out of sight.

So daily life proves it isn’t so easy for Bella and Beau.  However, they have shown they are a team.  Hopefully, their hard work will continue and prevail, gracing our world with another generation of Osprey as is intended by nature.


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