Bella & Beau 2018: And Then There’s Gus

(Osprey nest location:  Cambridge, Maryland, USA)

Bella & Beau’s last post showed some occurrences with the passing of enemies overhead or around their nest, and their response.  There’s one other daily regular resident, that swims continuously up and down the creek and around the base of Bella & Beau’s nest.  It’s a Canada Goose, we’ll call him Gus.

Early on, I started photographing Gus from my balcony as he swam around the marinas.  He has always been alone.  Poor fella!

_DSC0013-1 41518

Canada Goose “Gus”


_DSC0035-1 42118

Canada Goose “Gus”


It became evident that the creek was where Gus hung out, at least during the day as I knew.  There has been issues of another pair of Canada Geese flying in and trying to swim around the creek also, but Gus has always chased them away.

_DSC0008-1 42418

Gus chasing off a pair of Canada Geese


The pair were persistent day after day, purposely staying off to their own little marina area.  But once Gus caught sight of them, he would immediately start honking loud flying towards them, quickly making them move on.  One afternoon turned a little ugly.

_DSC0016-1 42418

Gus attacking the other male while the female gets out of the way


Gus would not give up on his quite loud assault


_DSC0056-1 42418

Bella and Beau had a front-row seat and intently watched all the commotion


Finally, Gus drove the pair into flight and out of the creek…..


_DSC0098-1 42418

…..which was followed by Gus’ happy dance.


I haven’t seen the pair of Canada Geese since, and it’s been over a week now.

Remember, Bella and Beau intently watched this all take place.  Never before had I seen any issues with Bella & Beau and Gus.

Until a few days later.

Gus was doing his usual swim along the center of the creek early morning.  While Beau was incubating, Bella was preening on the nest perch.  When Bella saw Gus, she screeched out so loud and immediately left the nest.  (She certainly got my attention from inside!)

_DSC0012-1 42618

Bella heading to Gus the Goose


Bella swooped down at Gus in attack.  Gus retaliated.

_DSC0015-2 42618


Bella circled around and swooped down again…..

_DSC0025-2 42618


….and again, not letting up.  Neither did Gus.

_DSC0028-2 42618.jpg


_DSC0022-1 42618

Gus in his defense stance


Eventually, Bella prevailed, driving Gus into flight and chasing him out of the creek.


Gus returned later that day but stayed further down the creek away from the nest.  But most days since, I’ve seen Gus swimming again around the base of Bella and Beau’s nest with no peep from them.

_DSC0085-1 42818


_DSC0107-1 42718


Go figure, huh?!!

I have a feeling this isn’t the last of the commotions between the Osprey and the Canada Goose.  Especially once there are chicks in the nest.  Bella & Beau will kick into overdrive in protecting their babies.

_DSC0111-1 42418

Another profile of Gus the Goose


DSC_8813-1 42118

Gus the Goose back in his domain at sunset


Let’s hope Gus can get along with Bella and Beau throughout the summer, or we’re in for some trying times for Gus.  Those talons of Bella and Beau’s look a little too sharp to fool with to me.

(Another post will be forthcoming to update you on Bella & Beau before the expected April 15-21 first hatching.)


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