Summer Tanager (WooHoo!)

Did you catch a hint of excitement from my post title?  A drive through Blackwater NWR yesterday provided me a new bird lifer, the Summer Tanager.  I photographed him from the car window.  And then I did my seated happy dance.

New lifers always cause a happy dance, don’t they?!!!  🙂

_DSC0096-1 5718

Summer Tanager (male)


_DSC0101-1 5718

Summer Tanager (male)


_DSC0104-1 5718

Summer Tanager (male)


And then he was gone.  I wish I was a lot closer for a more clearer focus, but I’ll absolutely take these for my record!

(Photographs taken at Blackwater NWR, Cambridge, Maryland)


53 thoughts on “Summer Tanager (WooHoo!)

  1. And so cooperative!! We see them only as they pass through during April, but the males are always in the bush .. I get photographic glimpses or butts only. Congrats on your lifer, Donna! *happy dance*

    • Thank you Shannon! I have since learned from e-bird sightings that a male and female had been spotted four days prior in the same area I was in. Soooo…..I need to go find that female and to think she is olive/yellow in color, how amazing she should be too! 🙂

  2. Congratulations on your added “lifer” Donna! I wish I get one here too! To see them next to the Cardinals. I’m happy for you…I’ll drink a cup of wine for you! :)…What?

    • Thank you, HJ! When I saw the bright red flash out of the corner of my eye, I thought, no, that wasn’t a Cardinal…. Oh I would LOVE to see a Summer Tanager alongside a Cardinal, WOW! Hope you had a cup for you too! 😉

  3. Beautiful!! Did you see any Delmarva Fox Squirrels? Our daughter from San Francisco is visiting us this Sat thru next Thursday and she wants to try to see one of those. We are going to Blackwater next Mon or Tuesday. I’ve seen and photographed a fox squirrel from the car window, so this time she can look for squirrels and I’ll be looking for a bright red/orange bird! Thanks for sharing! and Congratulations!

    • I have yet to see the Delmarva Fox Squirrel, and I look ever time for them. The two times in past week we visited, never even saw a squirrel at all which I commented about to my husband. I wondered if it was too early for squirrels yet? I saw the Summer Tanager in a tree alongside the wildlife drive at the Woods Trail parking lot. I found out this morning on e-bird that someone saw him, a female, and a juvenile, all three at the Woods Trail but not sure if along actual walking path. So there’s where to look! Good luck and enjoy your day there with your daughter!

      • Good luck with another sighting! Amazingly I saw three or four this morning! We went to Donnelley Wildlife Management Area, south of Charleston, and the first one was standing in the middle of the road! Looking in-camera, my shots might all be spoiled with a stick across his face, but I’m still pleased to have seen them.

      • How cool you saw them this morning! And how funny you had a stick across the face, I had the same problem, got 6-8 like that, was glad he moved slightly since we didn’t want to move our car. We actually drove the BNWR loop twice today, both times hanging around the parking lot parked where we saw my male the other day. But no luck on my end…..yet. 😉

  4. Lifers are indeed a cause for the happy dance, and that has such beautiful color. I have seen this one but have yet to photograph it. Nice catch!

    • I think my broad smile reached from ear to ear after the photo shoot. It is always so much fun to get another lifer. 🙂 I wish I could crop the photo more but then I’ll lose what focus detail I got. Now that we’re back to nice weather and riding around a lot in our new area, I’ve been pouting the lip for a longer lens. I might have hubby approving my expenditure. That’d be a big WooHoo! 🙂

  5. What a wonderful find Donna, such a beautiful bird, such brilliant colour., and worth a happy dance. These shots are excellent from the car window. Enjoy the rest of the week, hope you see more wonders from your car window.

    • Thank you, Ashley! I can even stay seated in the car and do a happy dance! 🙂 The wildlife drive is awesome (7-8 miles long) and meanders through the marshes and woods. We looped it twice and I got a few more nice images to share soon.

  6. Having just reported about a rare red bird sighting, I am envious of yours, Donna. Congratulations! In my birding group, whenever someone gets a life bird, he or she is expected to do a lifer dance! 😊

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