An Eagle Vs. A Red-winged Blackbird

At all my visits to Blackwater NWR, there are several specific trees that I always check for a perched Eagle, including one tree that is directly in front of you on the wildlife drive before it curves to the right.  I’ve been lucky to sight an Eagle there several times before, including a post that I shared of some of my best captures of this gorgeous bird last year HERE.

During our last visit, coming down that stretch of the wildlife drive, there he/she was, just as I had hoped.  Stopping back a ways so I could hopefully exit our car without disturbing the Eagle and be able to move around, I took my first shot.  Oh boy, he was watching me.  I thought, oh no, he’s going to fly, and I wanted to get closer!


_DSC0245-1 6618

Bald Eagle


Wow, no flight.  And the Eagle didn’t seem to even care about me as he looked off to the distance.  So I slowly walked a little further down the wildlife drive and took several more shots.


_DSC0263-1 6618

Bald Eagle


I was in awe of his beauty.  Again, I moved closer still and was starting to move a few more steps, when suddenly a Red-winged Blackbird came out of nowhere and started to harass the Eagle.

The Eagle took flight to avoid the nuisance.


_DSC0271-1 6618

Red-winged Blackbird attacking a Bald Eagle.


_DSC0272-1 6618

Red-winged Blackbird chasing a Bald Eagle.


The Red-winged Blackbird stayed right behind him, not giving up.


_DSC0273-1 6618

Red-winged Blackbird chasing a Bald Eagle.


Moving quicker, the Red-winged Blackbird caught up to the Bald Eagle for another hit.


_DSC0275-1 6618

Red-winged Blackbird attacks the Eagle again.



That last attack put the Eagle on notice to pick up speed.


_DSC0276-1 6618

Bald Eagle moving quickly to get away from the attacking Red-winged Blackbird.


The Red-winged Blackbird stopped his pursuit and turned back while the Eagle kept on the move.


_DSC0278-1 6618

Bald Eagle leaving the area.


Most likely, the Red-winged Blackbird had a nest very close by and considered the Eagle in his territory.  He was back to his own perch, looking pleased with his accomplishment.


_DSC0302-1 6618

Red-winged Blackbird (male)


As in this instance, sometimes the underdog wins.  🙂


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