Happy 4th of July, America

It is not usually my style to post on the same bird simultaneously, but our road trip adventure yesterday presented a Bald Eagle photo opportunity I wanted to share, and how appropriate on our America’s 4th of July holiday.

In the distance, the Eagle flew across the road and up into a tree alongside.  We slowed down and there he was, perched in the shade.

Temps were in the mid-90’s with heat index over 100.  The Eagle was panting to help with cooling off.

_DSC0103-1 7318

Bald Eagle panting in the high heat, see his tongue?


Then the sun popped out from behind a cloud.

_DSC0134-1 7318

Bald Eagle panting.


He looked back at me with that Eagle eye vision.

_DSC0112-1 7318Bald Eagle


And then, finally, I got the eye glint.  Yes!

_DSC0117-1 7318

Bald Eagle


_DSC0117-2 7318

Bald Eagle


As always, thank you for visiting; I hope everyone has a safe and wonderful day.


40 thoughts on “Happy 4th of July, America

  1. Great pictures Donna. The little black bird was not having that Eagle in his territory. Good chase scene.

  2. Beautiful pictures! We took our grandchildren on a boat ride to the nearby bald eagle nest, from which the two young ones had fledged quite some time ago. The nest was quite visible, and while we were there a bald eagle flew overhead, no doubt one of the adults from the nest. It is always exciting to see bald eagles, and to get close, sharp pictures like yours must have made your day! Happy 4th!

    • Thank you! It was a stupendous day with getting these captures! 🙂 I’m with you, it is always exciting to see Eagles, my adrenaline was pumping big time on this shoot! 😉

  3. Hot enough to make an eagle pant! I’d be doing more than panting in that sort of heat. I’d likely melt into a puddle of sweat! 😀 Happy 4th!

    • I am about to melt myself. It has been just disgustingly hot. Today t-storms followed by two days of awesomely low temps & humidity! Then back to even worse hot than before they’re forecasting. Looks like most of the U.S. will be suffering next week. 😦

    • Thank you Jane! You are right about the glint! If you are near me while I’m photographing a bird, you’ll hear me whispering to it, “come on now, turn your head just a bit more….” It is nice when they ‘oblige’ ha ha! 🙂

      • I do the same thing, also ask them to drop a few branches lower. Isn’t that irritating when you take one step closer, then another, and my intuition is telling me that I am pushing it, then they fly away. UGH.

  4. Such beautiful and highly appropriate pics for July 4th. I am always amazed to see the strength of their beak…it’s huge 🙂

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