Eastern Kingbirds

While watching Osprey pair, Bella & Beau, yesterday for a few minutes, directly in front of my balcony, landing on top of a sailboat mast, I was offered an awesome, quick photo opportunity of an Eastern Kingbird.

_DSC0070-1 71318

Eastern Kingbird


Not an often seen perch for an Eastern Kingbird, I’d think.

_DSC0078-1 71318

Eastern Kingbird


And then, poof, he was back in flight!

To my neighbors:  George, do you recognize the top of your mast? 😊


Yesterday’s above photo op reminded me of the Eastern Kingbirds I had captured at Blackwater NWR several weeks ago in a more natural perch setting.

_DSC0069-1 52418

Eastern Kingbird


_DSC0049-1 52418

Sweet shot!


I didn’t alter the next photograph and loved how it turned out.

_DSC0021-1 71618

Eastern Kingbird sitting pretty in a breeze.


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