Sika Deer and White-tailed Deer

While out riding around the Dorchester County Neck Districts, not only were we seeing a lot of Eastern Wild Turkeys I recently shared, but near them we’d also see deer.  Never any large herds, just a few here and there.

Closer to the marshes, we found the Sika Deer.

_DSC0225-1 7118

Sika Deer (hind or cow – female)


_DSC0358-1 52418

Sika Deer (stag – male)


Further inland around the forest, we found the White-tailed Deer.

_DSC0099-1 7118

White-tailed Deer (fawn)


_DSC0072-1 7118

White-tailed Deer (buck -male)


_DSC0075-1 7118

White-tailed Deer (doe – female)


_DSC0087-1 7118

White-tailed Deer (male & female) running for the woods.


Cool Fact:  Sika Deer are not actually deer.  They are a member of the Elk family, sometimes also called Sika Elk or Asian Elk.  They were first introduced in the Chesapeake Bay watershed on James Island in Dorchester County, Maryland, in 1916.


14 thoughts on “Sika Deer and White-tailed Deer

  1. Lovely deer photos Donna, we do not have these as native animals, and that look so cute, but as a introduced pest destroying our forests and sensitive habitats.

  2. They are beautiful animals. When I lived in NJ we used to see many deers coming from the woods to eat apples from one tree I had in my property. It gave apples by the hundreds. Great photos Donna! 🙂

  3. Interesting. I’m quite familiar with the white tails, but never heard of Sikas! They do look a bit more like a dainty elk. Why on earth, I wonder, would anyone introduce them here? Guessing it’s some hunter’s brilliant idea. The deer are cute, but since most predators are eliminated, they get far too abundant and then become a major nuisance. It also seems as not as many folks are hunting them these days.

    • Deer are cute/pretty but, yes, they are a major nuisance. I know in Maryland and Delaware, hunting deer and sika is a real big deal. These states have changed regulations to allow hunting on designated Sundays now during deer season. The farmers were all for it and helped push the new law through. I do feel for the farmer.

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