A Tightroping Green Heron

A gorgeous Green Heron was perched on a swinging dock line hanging just above the water between two piers at our marina.

As we approached to pass by him, he showed us his perfect acrobatic balancing act as he quickly tightroped up the dock line and onto the boat.

_DSC0173-1 72018

Green Heron


_DSC0175-1 72018

Green Heron


_DSC0178-1 72018

Green Heron


After the quick ascent, the Green Heron hopped onto the other boat and waited for us to pass.


_DSC0188-2 72018

Green Heron


With those acrobatic skills, he shouldn’t have any problem joining a circus!



40 thoughts on “A Tightroping Green Heron

  1. Donna, I love these photos! I am so glad you were able to capture that. I witnessed a moment like that a few years ago, sitting in my boat at our dock. Three green herons flew to our dock and didn’t see me. Two of them stood on the dock and the third stood on a dock line on a boat that was slowing rising and falling in some soft waves. I watched the heron rising and falling as it rested on the line, not losing its balance, and cursed myself for not having a camera. So I am happy for you that you captured this! Thanks for sharing and bringing back a memory!

    • Thank you! I watched a Green Heron (maybe this one?) on another day doing the same thing, riding the soft waves, up and down, on a dock line. They are pretty good balancers! I took photos of him but he was too far off. So I was extremely happy with these! πŸ™‚

  2. Wonderful lighting! The subject is perfectly sharp. I like those birds! Good job Donna! πŸ™‚

  3. Such wonderfully clear shots Donna of a very interesting Heron, similar to our Striated Heron. Love the beautiful detail of its plumage you have captured, and how you caught him gripping the rope.

    • Thank you Ashley! I was trying to photograph the Barn Swallows that are nesting around the marina and the Green Heron caught my eye. It was a quick, lucky moment! 😊

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