Looking Down On A Great Blue Heron in Flight

Sometimes you just don’t know who’s hanging around you.  Unbeknownst to me, this Great Blue Heron was hanging out on the dock right below my balcony.  Someone coming along the walk path stirred him into flight.  It was then I learned he was there.  😲

I shot down on that beautiful wingspan of the Great Blue Heron as he flew away.

_DSC0095-1 62918

Great Blue Heron in flight


_DSC0096-1 62918


That 6 foot wingspan gracefully flapping as he makes his turn…..


_DSC0099-1 62918

Such a gorgeous wingspan!


_DSC0098-1 62918


Gliding so beautiful down Cambridge Creek….


_DSC0101-1 62918


_DSC0100-1 62918


Letting everyone know he’s flying through….


_DSC0102-1 62918

“I’m just passing by, Bella, no worries!”


_DSC0103-2 62918


He made his way down past Bella and the OspreyTeens, landing on another dock to go back to his rest and fishing mode.  Bella gave him clearance but we all know she kept her eye on him.



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