Looking Down On A Great Blue Heron in Flight

Sometimes you just don’t know who’s hanging around you.  Unbeknownst to me, this Great Blue Heron was hanging out on the dock right below my balcony.  Someone coming along the walk path stirred him into flight.  It was then I learned he was there.  😲

I shot down on that beautiful wingspan of the Great Blue Heron as he flew away.

_DSC0095-1 62918

Great Blue Heron in flight


_DSC0096-1 62918


That 6 foot wingspan gracefully flapping as he makes his turn…..


_DSC0099-1 62918

Such a gorgeous wingspan!


_DSC0098-1 62918


Gliding so beautiful down Cambridge Creek….


_DSC0101-1 62918


_DSC0100-1 62918


Letting everyone know he’s flying through….


_DSC0102-1 62918

“I’m just passing by, Bella, no worries!”


_DSC0103-2 62918


He made his way down past Bella and the OspreyTeens, landing on another dock to go back to his rest and fishing mode.  Bella gave him clearance but we all know she kept her eye on him.



58 thoughts on “Looking Down On A Great Blue Heron in Flight

  1. Good Lord, how did you capture these photos!!! I am envious!!! Such a beautiful and majestic bird. And that wingspan, wow. You said ‘Bella gave him clearance’. Who are the original masters of the skies? 😎👍🏻❤️

  2. What a rare and phenomenally unique point of view for these shots Donna! I’m sure you had to react incredibly quickly and yet you nailed each and every one! I especially like the symmetry of the first shot.

    • Thank you, Steve, being on a balcony really has it’s advantages! 😉 On my photo-taking, I’ve been bouncing back and forth between my tripod and hand-hold, I was lucky to be holding the camera when the GBH took flight or I’d have definitely missed him. The first shot is my favorite. 🙂

    • Thank you HJ! I’m at a 3rd floor height on my balcony. Most definitely has its advantages….and so nice to have a kitchen and bathroom within several feet distance! 😉

  3. I like the way that you are leaning on your balcony enjoying the view but of course you have the right equipment and the presence of mind to capture these great shots for us.

  4. Marvelous images of a gorgeous bird. It’s not often you get to shoot one like that from above. Nice to see you taking full advantage or your convenient perch!

  5. Donna, these are beautiful! How great it is that you can be there to witness such a wonderful takeoff. The detail in the feathers is great! Thanks for sharing!

  6. By the way, Donna, I went back and looked at a bunch of my previous postings and realized that everywhere there was an ‘anonymous’ reply to you it was me. I’m the guilty party. I’m not sure how that happened, but I am a regular fan.

  7. The first, perfectly centered image is my favorite because it is unique … I feel like I’m flying directly over the bird. I’m a firm believer that ‘centered’ is a valid composition formula and it works very well here.

    • Thank you Denise, it must feel pretty awesome to fly with that wingspan! Glad to hear you’re a believer in ‘centered’ compositions, I am too, sometimes they work the best for a subject. 🙂

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