Cassie Canvasback – Remember Me?

I’ve shared both in my “Bella & Beau” series and in separate posts as well on another of my Cambridge Creek regular ‘backyard’ feathered friends, Cassie Canvasback.

_DSC0332-1 6618

Hi I’m Cassie!  How are you?


Cassie is a disabled female Canvasback I first started photographing back in April, with her featured post, She Is A Survivor.  She was not able to migrate back to her Northwest U.S. or Canadian breeding grounds this past Spring due to a severely injured right wing.  So she now lives here in Cambridge Creek full-time.

I am happy to say Cassie is still around, zigzagging up and down, back and forth, along the creek.

Cassie, a female Canvasback


I enjoy taking photos of her anytime she is near me.

_DSC0011-1 7418

Cassie Canvasback


No other Canvasback ducks stayed behind with her, so she is alone.  On occasion, I have seen Cassie and a female Mallard swim along together for a while.  I don’t know who is comforted by this more – me or Cassie.

Despite her right wing injury, Cassie appears quite healthy.  She feeds along the bulkheads and pilings.  Sometimes the side of a boat water line.


She makes me smile and feel joy every time I see her.

_DSC0159-1 6718

Cassie’s beautiful coloring.


_DSC0589-1 72018

Cassie Canvasback (taken from our boat)


I am only one, but I am one.
I cannot do everything, but I can do something.
And I will not let what I cannot do interfere with what I can do.
Edward Everett Hale




41 thoughts on “Cassie Canvasback – Remember Me?

  1. I love her, such a beautiful girl, and a true survivor! She does look healthy, so glad she is doing well. It sure seems like at least one of her friends would have remained behind! 🤔🤗

  2. Nice photos and story. Never heard that quote before and I really like it. Looked up Hale on Wikipedia and he was an interesting person who had quite a life.

  3. Through the years involved with birds I had several cases of birds with certain injures or disable in different ways. I remember seeing them being resilient to their wounds and seeing after a time that they recovered and adapted to the new reality. My heart fills with pride and love for them. Cassie is a gorgeous lady I wish her a long and healthy life. Great post and photos Donna. 🙂

  4. It is lovely to get to know Cassie more. Hopefully her injured wing is much better now. She looks to be flapping about in the water and so it must be okay 🙂 That creek looks like her playground. Maybe at some point some friends will come swimming by and they can all have one big party.

    • Thank you Mabel! Cassie loves to splash around, cleaning & preening herself. Her wing structure had enough damage that sadly she can no longer fly. 😦 However, she has learned to stay healthy and enjoy our creek as her new permanent home. Her species will be migrating back to our area in a few months for the winter, there can be one big party then, yay!

  5. I’m so glad Cassie is still hanging around and that you shared her antics and lovely portraits. She is a tough, adaptable one for sure.

  6. That last photo portrait showed the famous canvasback profile with the straight line from the top of the head to the tip of the bill. I am happy that Cassie gets some company and maybe one day there will be something special for her. I love the hope-filled verse at the end. A good reminder for anyone who is aging or injured and has to let go of some activities to make room for new ones.

    • Thank you Denise! Cassie has become a special duck to me, and with her being a forced resident, I needed to name her. Took hubby a while to get in his head who Cassie was when I’d say, “There’s Cassie!” I love it every time I see her, she makes me smile.

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