Bella & Beau 2018: Bella Is Still Here

(Osprey nest location:  Cambridge, Maryland, USA)

August 28, 2018

As mentioned in Bella & Beau’s last post on Osprey migration, the female adult Osprey is the first to leave for migration; and it usually occurs during the month of August, with female breeders leaving late in the month.

It was nice to see Bella is still around as of today.  Until she leaves for her tropical winter vacation to South America, she is continuing to provide and protect her OspreyTeens.

_DSC0292-2 72418 bella

Bella in flight


As in past weeks, it continued to be hot and humid.  The OspreyTeens are out and about much of the day, flying and learning to fish, maybe even perched somewhere in the shade.  Yet they still return to the nest platform to beg for food.  And so both Bella and Beau continue to deliver fish after fish.

_DSC0015-1 82218

Beau delivers a fish to a hungry OspreyTeen.



Beau quickly left the nest while the OspreyTeen checks out its meal.


The next two photos with both OspreyTeens eating on the nest platform are getting more rare.



OspreyTeens briefly together, sharing the platform with a fish delivery each.


Just as quick as a second OspreyTeen gets a meal delivered, one of them will leave the platform and head over to a telephone pole across the creek to eat alone.  No fighting or sharing any more!


OspreyTeen leaving the nest platform with its meal.


Twice in the last few days I’ve seen Bella bringing a fish to the nest platform where an OspreyTeen already had one from Beau.

_DSC0067-1 82218

Bella sees the OspreyTeen has a fish and does a fly-by and heads over to the other OspreyTeen on the telephone pole.


_DSC0070-1 82218

Bella goes and finds the second OspreyTeen also has a fish.



Bella returns to the platform.  Hmmm….neither OspreyTeen needs a fish meal from her.



So Bella took the fish she had and went to the crane and ate it herself.


Here’s the other attempt with Bella trying to deliver a fish.  The OspreyTeen on the platform had one already, so Bella flies to the second OspreyTeen on the telephone pole, where she finds it has one too.


Another attempt by Bella trying to give one of her OspreyTeens a meal.  Neither is in need of a meal so Bella flies up past Beau on the crane and into the tree behind him where I’m sure she devoured the fish herself.


I took photos throughout today of parents, Bella & Beau, perched on the tower, keeping an eye on the empty, quiet nest platform.  They had to love the quietness!


Bella & Beau perched most of the day on tower, overlooking their nest platform.


It wasn’t until late afternoon when an OspreyTeen arrived at the nest.  Shortly thereafter, the second OspreyTeen arrived, and this one was wet.  No sooner than it landed, it began to beg quite loud.  I wondered if it had been out trying to catch a fish but was unsuccessful and gave up.  The first OspreyTeen joined in with chorus.


Hungry OspreyTeens


Bella & Beau stayed perched on the tower ignoring the cries, but not for long.  After only five minutes one of the parents took off, I’m guessing to go catch a fish.  I had to leave home and wasn’t able to wait for a fish delivery that I am sure came shortly thereafter.

_DSC0083-1 82818

Either Bella or Beau in flight from the tower to go catch a fish for the OspreyTeens.


With Bella’s fish deliveries becoming less needed by the OspreyTeens (whether it’s because Beau is keeping pace and/or the OspreyTeens are starting to fish for themselves), it makes sense this might be one of the signs the female adult Osprey gets that it’s time for her to migrate.  Her care and duties are no longer needed.

Here’s my latest (and maybe final shot) of Bella with her precious babies taken this past week.  Doesn’t it look as if Bella is talking to her chicks?  Wonder what she’s saying?

_DSC0102-1 82018 (2)

Bella having a talk with her chicks before she leaves for migration.


We’ll see what the next week brings with any sightings of Bella and the rest of her family…..


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