Red-headed Woodpeckers at Blackwater NWR

Going back through my photos taken at Blackwater National Wildlife Refuge the last few months, I found these to share of a Red-headed Woodpecker, this first one making his way up a dead tree.

_DSC0076-2 52418

Red-headed Woodpecker


Arriving at the top, he checked his surroundings.

_DSC0090-1 52418

Red-headed Woodpecker


He then  proceeded to snatch up the insects from the decaying snag.

_DSC0091-1 52418

Red-headed Woodpecker with insect


Another Red-headed Woodpecker who appears to be deep in thought.

_DSC0098-1 52018

Red-headed Woodpecker


The background in the last photo shows just a few of the numerous dead trees still standing in an area on the Wildlife Drive that is home to a large population of these beautiful birds.



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