Two Autumn Butterflies

I’m slipping in this post on two butterflies also captured during my two recent visits at Blackwater NWR.  Give them their own post.  🙂

This first one, an Eastern Comma, displayed like a golden gem on the tree trunk deep into the woods.  I wish I had shot it with my wide-angle lens to show it amongst all the tree trunks.  It was definitely an eye-catcher.

_DSC0021-1 102818

Eastern Comma Butterfly – 10/28/18


The second butterfly was a late migrating Monarch.  I was very excited to see it.

_DSC0307-2 11418

Monarch Butterfly (female) – 11/4/18


Both butterflies fit in nicely with their colors of Autumn…..


_DSC0125-1 102818


Happy Autumn and, as always, thank you for stopping by my blog, I appreciate you!



25 thoughts on “Two Autumn Butterflies

  1. Happy late autumn to you, Donna. At least out west we are quickly transitioning away from the lovely colors to the stark but still attractive plant skeletons. At least it will be easier to see what birds remain!

  2. Beautiful shots, Donna. I was surprised to see a comma this morning as I hung my laundry. It alighted on the cross bar and stayed there sunning itself. It felt like a special visit. 🙂

  3. Wonderful! and all the other superlatives! I’ve just finally tracked down some seeds for native/local milkweed… hoping to get it started this fall and maybe someday, there’ll be Monarchs!

    • Thank you Jerry, but oh no…..snowing……sorry to hear that’s happening already. We’re to get that cold front to come through this weekend but not cold enough to snow. Geez it better not! Ha!

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