Little Bird Bonanza at Blackwater NWR

My last post featured the start of the autumn colors from my visit to Blackwater NWR on November 4.  Here’s the start of the bird side from that same visit, along with a couple captures from my October 28 visit.

This post will feature the little birds.  The little adorable ones that flit & flicker, dash & dart, jump & jet.  Basically playing the games “peek-a-boo” and “catch me if you can” with anyone who dares to watch them.

These photos are the little birds that gave me a brief, splitting moment to capture their beauty.

First and foremost, I’ll start with a lifer to add to my list.  In the woods with both sunlight and shade, I was working too fast and both over & underexposed my shots.  But after cleaning up the photos enough to confirm ID, I can now finally add the Brown Creeper.  <happy dance>  My count is now 171, with a photo of each bird species in the wild to confirm.  For an amateur bird photographer, I don’t think that’s half bad, and I have much fun doing it.

Here’s that new lifer, the Brown Creeper.  Beg pardon on the graininess…


_DSC0114-2 11418

Brown Creeper


Brown Creeper



_DSC0143-2 11418

Brown Creeper



Brown Creeper



And here are the other little birds captured during the two visits.

_DSC0197-1 102818 savannahsparrow

Savannah Sparrow


_DSC0053-1 11418 songsparrow

Song Sparrow



_DSC0307-1 102818 fieldsparrow

Field Sparrow


_DSC0299-1 102818 chippingsparrow questionmark

Immature White-crowned Sparrow
(Thank you everyone for your ID help!)


_DSC0204-1 11418

Ruby-crowned Kinglet


_DSC0214-1 11418

White-breasted Nuthatch


_DSC0265-1 11418

Dark-eyed Junco


_DSC0075-1 102818

Eastern Phoebe


Eastern Phoebe


_DSC0070-1 102818

Eastern Phoebe


_DSC0282-2 11418

Blue Jay


_DSC0331-1 102818

American Goldfinch


_DSC0434-1 11418

American Goldfinch at the golden hour


_DSC0092-1 11418

Yellow-rumped Warbler


_DSC0100-1 11418

Yellow-rumped Warbler
(nicknamed “Butter-butt” as you can see why)


What fun it was with the challenge these little birds provide!

Next will be a quick post on butterflies and then the bigger birds from the same two visits.



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