Round We Go

Round & round we go,
Where we stop,
Nobody knows….

Processing photos from the past few months, in a few of my non-bird shots, I started seeing a trend of circles emerging in some of them.

So here’s a fun post for me to get to share some of my shots of “circles”.


DSC_9164-1 51218

Expired Dandelion


_DSC0043-1 7618

Raindrops at sunset


_DSC0301-1 62518

Love anything rusty.  😊


_DSC0012-2 103018

Well, not round in the shot, but we know it is….


DSC_0219-1 7318

Crab basket lid


_DSC0049-2 7618

Raindrops at sunset


DSC_1402-1 111518

The beginnings of the first snow of the season while visiting my daughter in little over a week ago (just missed us at home, whew!)


_DSC0049-3 7618

More raindrops at sunset


DSC_0026-2 62118



Hope you didn’t get dizzy with all those circles!  😉



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