Round We Go

Round & round we go,
Where we stop,
Nobody knows….

Processing photos from the past few months, in a few of my non-bird shots, I started seeing a trend of circles emerging in some of them.

So here’s a fun post for me to get to share some of my shots of “circles”.


DSC_9164-1 51218

Expired Dandelion


_DSC0043-1 7618

Raindrops at sunset


_DSC0301-1 62518

Love anything rusty.  😊


_DSC0012-2 103018

Well, not round in the shot, but we know it is….


DSC_0219-1 7318

Crab basket lid


_DSC0049-2 7618

Raindrops at sunset


DSC_1402-1 111518

The beginnings of the first snow of the season while visiting my daughter in little over a week ago (just missed us at home, whew!)


_DSC0049-3 7618

More raindrops at sunset


DSC_0026-2 62118



Hope you didn’t get dizzy with all those circles!Β  πŸ˜‰



33 thoughts on “Round We Go

  1. Wow! How cool Donna. I love that last picture of the bubble – an incredible shot! Thanks for sharing. I’m sure you had fun finding all the circles in your collection.

  2. Lovely creative selection of photos, I don’t know about you, but I would have trouble finding so many photos on one topic if I went out to search for it in one day, but nice to find in retrospect.

  3. You may have noticed that Nature favorite geometric shape is the circle… Just think for a minute and you’ll realize how everything goes round in circles.
    Very nice gallery Donna. See you around! πŸ™‚

  4. Perfectly delightful series of circles, Donna. While I like all of your photos, I found the raindrops at sunset especially dazzling, also liked the bubble. This was a great reminder of the patterns that grace us throughout every day, thank you.

  5. It is wonderful Donna when we view our photos closely, such as the dandelion seed head, The amazing artistry and design elegance of our Master Designer😊

    • It is! I was told years ago, to “get closer and closer….and closer more” to see. There is indeed so much beauty in the little things of nature all around us, with amazing intricate designs if we look a little closer. His Work is stunning in it all!

  6. Utterly delightful! Glad I didn’t lose this one in the shuffle. What is it with this time of year when I seem to be going in circles? πŸ˜‰

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