A Bald Eagle at Sunset

I hope everyone that celebrated had a wonderful and safe Thanksgiving holiday.

My previous post featured three phases of a sunset at Blackwater NWR.Β  When I arrived to scout my set-up location, I spotted this lone Bald Eagle had already found his for the perfect viewing of that evening’s upcoming glorious display.

_DSC0015-1 112018

Bald Eagle


_DSC0017-2 112018

Same Bald Eagle at a different angle


I bet the sunset looked stunning from his perch!



25 thoughts on “A Bald Eagle at Sunset

    • The pines are Loblolly, which are the refuge’s resident eagles favorite to build their nests in. The snags are a mixture of those and mixed hardwoods. They are all standing in marsh tidal water, many snapped in half from storms. The red-headed woodpeckers love & breed in this area when here. πŸ™‚

  1. Sunset shots on large birds are quite spectacular and most impressive, as is yours. The light captures and highlights the bird against the tree so well Donna. Sunrise also gives that yellow tint to birds and nature also. Eagles and other raptors love sitting on bare branches to get a 360 degree view which makes them easy to find and photograph.

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