Just One Snow Goose

While running an errand, I sighted a lone Snow Goose flying and land with a flock of Canada Geese on Papermill Pond off the Tred Avon River.  Hmmmm…..

I got the errand out of the way and returned to find the Snow Goose and Canada Geese had settled in for some preening and rest.

_DSC0135-1 111218

Snow Goose and Canada Geese


It’s a bit early for us to start seeing Snow Geese around the Chesapeake Bay area; but when you start seeing the ‘firsts’, that usually means the rest aren’t too far behind.


_DSC0107-2 111218

Snow Goose and Canada Geese


_DSC0125-1 111218

Snow Goose “Yoga Stretch”


I am definitely looking forward to their winter visit and noise.


_DSC0345-1 121317

Snow Geese Take-Off  –  December 13, 2017
Once you experience this, you will never forget the noise you heard!



34 thoughts on “Just One Snow Goose

  1. I love that term ‘yoga stretch’! I see ducks and other geese and shorebirds do this and never knew just what to call it,,,,,perfect! Thanks for sharing these pics!

  2. I’m sure one wouldn’t forget the noise but if they are anything like Canada geese I sure the mess they leave would be unforgettable too. 🙂

    • Oh yea…..for sure. When the SG did the take-off in the last photo & flew right over me, I could hear splats hitting all around me, lol, but I did not get hit, I was quite thankful for that. 🙂

  3. No kidding. There is no experience like a huge flock of snow geese taking off. Great captures and that last one is amazing! How they navigate with one another is a mystery.

  4. So true about never forgetting the sound of those many thousands of snow geese taking off. I was so enchanted by the blizzard of thousands of white geese taking off (or landing). You lucked out that you weren’t hit by a splat. 😉

    • It’s mesmerizing for sure! Yes, I was super lucky not to get bombed, lol. Even my car lucked out, which is more amazing. Around it and me, white splats were everywhere! 😊 But you know what, it’d be worth a hit or two. 😁 Saying that, I better put a roll of paper towels in the car, that day is probably coming….. 😂

    • Ashley, to be there in the moment is a big WOW! And how they do not collide is amazing. Would you believe they passed right over me and I didn’t get ‘bombed’?!! And the ground was covered with white splats. It’d been worth it though. 😊

    • Thank you, Takami! To be there in the moment to see them lift-off all at once is mesmerizing. A shot like my last one cropped as a circle is fondly called a “Snow Globe”. 😊

    • Thanks Deborah! Three days ago I saw a huge flock, thousands, on a farm enroute to my daughter’s. I tried all roads that circled them and couldn’t get close enough for any photos. But I could hear them even then. It was exciting!

  5. I’ve only seen a few snow geese his fall, and they were too far away for a good photo of them, so seeing your wonderful photos of this one was a treat. It was also nice of you to include the image of the huge flock of them from last year, as we only get a few of them through this area.

    • I am happy you enjoyed them, Jerry! I’ve since seen already one huge flock in the thousands within an hour of my home, but I couldn’t reach them for any photos. It is an amazing experience to see the sky become a ‘snow globe’. 🙂

  6. Nice Donna! It is amazing when you see and hear a huge flock of them take off! Especially when close by! Last year at Blackwater, I was watching a huge flock of them taking off, making a circle round and land again. Then kept doing that for about 45 minutes. It was fun to watch and photograph!

  7. It is always so exciting to find that one bird that sticks out among hundreds, if not thousands, of Canada Geese! I have never been in a place with thousands, hope to remedy that soon!

    • I hope you get the experience to see a flock of Snow Geese take off, Tanja. It is spectacular! Just a few days ago I saw my first huge flock of Snow Geese way off in a distance on a farm about an hour from my home. I knew they weren’t too far behind! 😉

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