Canada Geese and Great Blue Heron Reflections

My last post featured a single Snow Goose that had arrived, mixed in with a flock of Canada Geese.

The Snow Goose rested on a mud flat the entire time I was there, but many of the Canada Geese were in the water, providing ample reflections.

_DSC0115-1 111218

Canada Geese reflections


_DSC0117-1 111218

Canada Geese reflections


_DSC0126-1 111218

Canada Geese reflections


To my surprise as I started to leave, a Great Blue Heron, who had been hiding in the tall grasses at the shoreline, began to head out to the geese.

_DSC0156-1 111218

Great Blue Heron slowly strutting into the scene


He finally settled into the middle to ensure he was included in the photo session.Β  The Great Blue Heron couldn’t have settled more perfect for his reflection profile.


_DSC0171-1 111218

Great Blue Heron reflection


I left after that last photo and was back to my errands, feeling pretty good as you always do, stumbling upon wildlife when you least expect it.

And it’s a “plus” when you have your camera equipment with you….just in case. Β  πŸ™‚



41 thoughts on “Canada Geese and Great Blue Heron Reflections

    • You know it, Mike! I’ve missed many opportunities myself not taking mine, lol. I’m in the habit now of lugging my small bag (two cameras & two main lenses) almost always. I’ll go through spells after several times out having not photographed anything, I’ll think maybe I won’t take it…..AND then I hear my bag saying, “okay, but you might regret it!” Ugh!! LOL πŸ˜‰

    • Don’t be mad at me, John, for saying, πŸ™ but they are Canada geese, not Canadian. ❀ Several years ago I was severely ‘corrected’ in a comment on my blog for saying Canadian geese. 😲 Personally, it doesn’t bother me what one says, but some ‘birders’ get really annoyed. Believe that? In today’s society?? Well, of course….unfortunately!!! πŸ˜‰

      BTW, I love the geese too!

  1. Wow Donna! Those photos are incredible – such tack sharp images! And then to have the heron wander on to the scene. Whew! I’m sure that made your day! Thanks for sharing these beautiful images.

  2. Lovely reflection shots Donna! Nothing more frustrating than being caught without your camera in that special bird moment, I learned that lesson the hard way also. Such a delight to the day to enjoy birds on the way😊

  3. Nothing more frustrating than not having the camera along…. or not finding a place to stop! πŸ˜€
    Absolutely gorgeous shots with reflections!

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