Canada Geese In Flight Over Colorful Reflections

Cambridge Creek is becoming a frequent haven for a small flock of Canada Geese.  They come in for a landing here and there, swim around the creek and marinas for a while, nibbling on pilings, then take back off.

Keeping an eye on one of their visits for a certain reason (explained later), I could see their forming of an anticipated take-off as they always do, down the creek.  Their honking filled the air.  The final clue it’s about to happen.

And, sure enough, they took off.

_DSC0061-1 12818

Canada Geese taking off on Cambridge Creek


See those colorful building reflections beyond them?  That’s what I was also eyeing.

Up, geese, up out of the water!

And they all made it.


_DSC0067-1 12818

Canada Geese in flight over Cambridge Creek building reflections


It’s nice when the hopes of a photo op comes together.  😊



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