Canada Geese In Flight Over Colorful Reflections

Cambridge Creek is becoming a frequent haven for a small flock of Canada Geese.  They come in for a landing here and there, swim around the creek and marinas for a while, nibbling on pilings, then take back off.

Keeping an eye on one of their visits for a certain reason (explained later), I could see their forming of an anticipated take-off as they always do, down the creek.  Their honking filled the air.  The final clue it’s about to happen.

And, sure enough, they took off.

_DSC0061-1 12818

Canada Geese taking off on Cambridge Creek


See those colorful building reflections beyond them?  That’s what I was also eyeing.

Up, geese, up out of the water!

And they all made it.


_DSC0067-1 12818

Canada Geese in flight over Cambridge Creek building reflections


It’s nice when the hopes of a photo op comes together.  😊



44 thoughts on “Canada Geese In Flight Over Colorful Reflections

  1. The second shot is a great image, but even the first I find interesting because of the ruffling effect that their wingbeats have on the water. I love being close enough to a flock to hear the wind in their feathers, it’s only happened a couple of times, but I love the wildness of it.

    • Thank you Helen! I took a series of eight photos total, trying to ensure I got them on the reflections before they lifted quick and hard, up over the creek’s bridge and traffic. It was cool all way around!

  2. That was a well planned composition, you were inspired before the picture. The result is obviously a super photo. Kudos Donna. 🙂

    • Thank you, HJ! I couldn’t believe it was actually happening as it unfolded right in front of me while I was thinking about it, it was as if it was planned, lol. It was exciting! 🙂

  3. Great shots Donna! I loved the stripe, or ribbon-like, effect of the reflection. You definitely knew to anticipate the photo you wanted! I also like the disturbed water patterns under the geese as they took off.

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