Lesser Scaup on Cambridge Creek

Another small group of ducks spending their daily life near me on Cambridge Creek are Lesser Scaup.

For a few weeks, it was just a single male Lesser Scaup swimming & diving, checking out the creek, marinas, and other inhabitants.

Here he is with his beautiful blue bill marked with a skinny black tip on the end.

_dsc0062-1 1519

Lesser Scaup (male)


Last week, he was joined by six more Lesser Scaup, two females and four males.

_dsc0128-1 1819

Lesser Scaup


As of today, all seven are still here.  Photo ops have been awesome.



The best part is they love diving and feeding right off the boat pier below my balcony.  Lucky me!

This three-photo series is of three Lesser Scaup diving.  In the first photo bottom left, you can see the first duck already submerged.  Then just as quickly number two and three were gone.  They are quick!

Lesser Scaup diving


Some more of my favorite shots to date….


_dsc0093-1 1819

Lesser Scaup (female)


_dsc0102-1 1819

Lesser Scaup (male & female)


It has been a delightful treat getting to watch all the winter visitors up close and personal while they live here temporarily on populated Cambridge Creek.



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