Series: Take A Moment and Enjoy A Sunset

I’m behind on my sunset series, but instead of sharing several recent ones, I’ll just share today’s, and catch the others up another time.

Because….it’s all about today.  The start and the finish.

I shot this panorama of today’s foggy sunrise over the Choptank River, where winter ducks were waking up.

dsc_2111-1 11619

Sunrise over Choptank River – January 16, 2019


Tonight’s sunset didn’t have a whole lot of dramatics, but I did love the wispy cloud lit up by the setting sun, as well as the streaking trail of an airplane’s.

dsc_2174-1 11619

Sunset over Cambridge Creek – January 16, 2019


In the sunset photo, there are gulls standing in the center on a thin layer of ice that has developed on parts of the creek from last night’s artic airblast.  With my zoom lens, I took some photos of those standing in the sunset’s reflecting light.  I am amazed the gulls are not falling through the ice!

_dsc0252-1 11619

Herring Gulls at sunset on a section of thin ice


“There’s a sunrise and a sunset every single day, and they’re absolutely free.  Don’t miss so many of them.”   ― Jo Walton



33 thoughts on “Series: Take A Moment and Enjoy A Sunset

    • Thank you, Susan! After you mentioned your cove was frozen over, the top end of Cambridge Creek has also started to ice. 😦 With the watermen boats and DNR right here, I’m hoping they keep it chopped up as weeks go by.

  1. All beautiful pictures, Donna. My favorite is the gulls on the ice, it’s like a painter’s canvas, very artistic! Thanks my friend. 🙂

    • It was, Deborah! We were up way early (as you can tell that I shot a sunrise ha!), spent part of the day watching #3 grandson. Hope all is well with your daughter and the wee one, and the bed rest is going well. I’m sure you’re excited, Grandma!

      • Her labs the last two days have not been good, and she’s feeling a bit off. The Doctor is going to start her inducement Sunday at midnight instead of Tuesday to get the baby out so she’ll stablize. So it won’t be long now! We’re very excited and anxious about Baby Girl too. Thank you so much for keeping us in your thoughts! xx

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