Snow Fog & A Pair of Eagles

The mid-Atlantic region received 2-8 inches of snow a couple of days ago (we got 4-5 inches), which was followed by an artic blast, dropping our temperatures well below average the last two days.

However, the quick rise in today’s temperatures to over 40°F created area patches of snow fog throughout the region.  A perfect day to be out for photo opportunities, but we had errands.

Yes, I still went prepared, “just in case”.

Driving a back-road, we sighted a pair of Bald Eagles ahead of us, eating on a carcass; we pulled over quickly.  This annoyed the Eagles, and they took flight before my lens was out the passenger window.

I got a nice focus on my second shot as the pair flew past an old farm building and towards a bit of fog.

_dsc0002-1 11619

Bald Eagles


_dsc0009-1 11619

Bald Eagles


They quickly landed in a patch of fog behind us, looking at each other and us.  There was a meal ‘back there’ they really didn’t want to leave.


_dsc0023-1 11619

Bald Eagles


Can you see the difference between the two Eagles?  In all the photos, the Eagle on the right is about four years old.  In another year, its head and tail will be pure white, having finally reached full adult plumage.

Having interrupted the Eagles’ meal wasn’t kind, so we quickly moved on with our travels.  You can bet the Eagles didn’t take too long to get back to their meal.



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