The Great Blue Heron Stare

As the sun was setting, I spotted a Great Blue Heron hiding at Blackwater NWR.

He had already seen and locked eyes on me.

_dsc0140-2 111618

Great Blue Heron – “The Stare”


Those eyes!Β  Sometimes their stare can be a bit intimidating…..

I can guarantee you he won the staring contest.



31 thoughts on “The Great Blue Heron Stare

    • LOL It probably was a good thing there was marsh brush between him and I. I certainly wouldn’t want to tangle with that beak of theirs! πŸ˜‰ Watching them catch fish is quite entertaining, you just have to have the patience they have to do it!

    • Our raptors are the worse, lol, you really don’t want to stare at them for fear of attack. I knew the GBH would probably turn and fly off if I had kept photographing him; but hey, he was there first, so I moved on with a little “thank you” to him. 😊

  1. He was calculating the distance with stereoscopic vision in order to have depth. He could have seen you better by looking sideways. I figure that you were a little too close for his comfort. πŸ™‚

    • I think I was too close, and I did wonder why he didn’t turn his head to see me better. I only shot a couple photos and we moved quickly on; it was getting dark, and that might have been his night-night spot. πŸ™‚

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