Great Blue Heron Fly-By

Great Blue Herons are year-round residents of the Chesapeake Bay region, as long as there is a source of water and food.  Once the water freezes, they’ll move around until they find another area that offers their needs.

With the changing of the seasons, it had been a couple months since I’d seen a Great Blue Heron on Cambridge Creek.

That changed recently.  Two times on two different days last week, I watched one fly towards and past me from the watermen’s public marina/ramp where it had been hanging out.

A Great Blue Heron doing a fly-by….

GBH Fly-by 03

Great Blue Heron


When they fly this close, you can hear the ‘whoosh’ of their wings’ strong, graceful stride.

GBH Fly-by 02

Great Blue Heron


Their wingspan can reach up to 6 1/2 feet wide.

GBH Fly-by 03

“Gorgeous Wings”


How nice to have a Great Blue Heron stop by the creek for a visit during these cold, January days!


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