Canada Geese

I’ve gathered a small collection to share of Canada Geese photos taken since last fall on Cambridge Creek where a small flock continues to visit off and on.


Canada Geese


_dsc0178-3 121918

Canada Goose “Abstract”


_dsc0195-2 121918

Canada Goose Taking Flight


_dsc0074-1 11718

Canada Goose Reflection #1


Inspired by several of your blogs showcasing in B&W, here’s my attempt of the above photo in B&W below.

_dsc0074-2 11718

Canada Goose Reflection #2


And finally, a flock of Canada Geese making wakes, which I actually found I liked better as B&W.

_dsc0039-6 11718

Canada Geese “Making Wakes I”

Did you notice the back left goose waving?


_dsc0039-3 11718

Canada Geese “Making Wakes II”


Canada Geese photography can be fun stuff!



31 thoughts on “Canada Geese

  1. I was just thinking that the 7th picture (B&W of the 8 geese) was slightly ‘spoilt’ by the one at the back flapping it’s one wing (2 might have been better) and then I see you cropped it… 🙂 Must be my slight obsession with things looking neat and tidy! They are all great pics though.

  2. I like Reflections one best because of the deep blue color and Making Waves II best because of the composition and the textures seen in the waves with the closer view. Of course when you have a Canada Goose waving at you that can’t be ignored.

  3. Nice shots Donna, and yes reflections are a great feature of water bird photography which we both love. You have some interesting captures due to the geese all looking in the same direction.

    • Thank you, Reed! It’s a ‘challenge’ for me to remove colors from nature, but I can see how some subjects can ‘work’ for B&W. Nice to try different things sometimes. 🙂

  4. Sure pretty to see. I like the B&W shots! The geese have pretty much left here for the rest of the winter but they will return for nesting season.

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