Canada Geese – Flight, Miffed, & Reflecting

While I’m on a ‘goose’ kick, here’s three more photos to share of Canada Geese taken last week.

_dsc0211-12 12219

Canada Geese In Flight


_dsc0568-1 12219

“A Bit Miffed”



dsc_2388-2 12219

“Melting Ice Reflection”


I said it in my last post, Canada Geese photography is fun stuff!





34 thoughts on “Canada Geese – Flight, Miffed, & Reflecting

  1. I love that last photo with the reflection! Thanks for sharing. Our cove is filled with geese all winter long and I never tire of watching them. Sometimes with their ‘butts up’ pose they look like synchronized swimmers with the legs up.

    • Thank you, Susan, I didn’t know if I quite got the lighting right with the reflections and was happy-dancing when I checked them out later. We’re enjoying geese again daily here too, but they’ve been flying out of the water and onto the community open grass area and been munching away! 😱

  2. I like how the first photo shows all the different positions of the wings whilst in flight. They tend to hiss like a cat too. 😮😎

  3. I always see Canada Geese flying about and honking all the way! They are big dudes! Great shots Donna. 🙂

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