Little Winter Birds at Blackwater NWR

I got a chance to spend a few hours last week at Blackwater NWR on the day after our area had been pounded with frigid cold, gale winds two days prior.

The little winter birds were out and about in full force!  Everyone was hungry and excited with the warm sun, no winds, and temps in the low 40’s.

_dsc0235-1 12219

Northern Mockingbird


_dsc0169-1 12219

American Robin


_dsc0339-1 12219

Downy Woodpecker


_dsc0333-1 12219

Red-breasted Nuthatch
(not so great a shot BUT a new lifer for me!)


_dsc0103-2 12219

Song Sparrow


There were so many others I missed!  During this time of year, it’s not always so easy to capture our little winter birds who hide so well.  So this day seeing their presence and action made my visit even more enjoyable.



41 thoughts on “Little Winter Birds at Blackwater NWR

  1. Great shots Donna. Congratulations on the lifer, Red-breasted Nuthatch, I had that lifer just last month!

  2. That song sparrow looks cold, all puffed up. Nice to see the Northern Mockingbird, one made a rare visit to this area a few years ago. We are going into a deep freeze for a couple of days, maybe venture out and see what is out there. Thanks for sharing your images, I enjoyed seeing them.

    • Thanks Jane, isn’t he cute all puffed up?! Even though it wasn’t a great shot of the NMockingbird, I still included it because I’ve been lax on showing this bird that is quite common for us year round. He and I exchanged some whistles. 🙂

  3. Oh what an amazing series! And twice happy for you that you could view a “lifer.” I agree, that Song Sparrow made my smile — he is so round, he must have been very cold. ❤ ❤

    • Thank you, Takami! You can bet that I did a happy dance with the new lifer! 😉 I love when the little birds puff up round in the winter, makes them twice as adorable! 😊

  4. Looks like a great day at Blackwater! We haven’t been there yet this year but hope to get there soon, especially to see the bald eagles. Thanks forsharing!

    • You’re welcome, Susan. You need to get over there soon, the Eagles are in full abundance right now. I wanted to go today but couldn’t, and can’t tomorrow. Was telling hubby we need to go Tuesday! 🙂

  5. Sweet little things! We only see red-breasted nuthatches in winter here in MA. Apparently, many species are irruptive this year due to a failure in conifer cones in the boreal forests. Yours flew quite a ways!

  6. Nice to compare the ‘little’ tweets from here to there. We’ve been trying to entice a downy to our suet feeder. So far we’ve only seen him eyeing it, but not venturing to it. The Stellar Jays are the goofy ones in the backyard. Watching them trying to figure out how to hang onto a seed feeder and the suet feeder was a treat while washing dishes. It’s taken longer for any of the smaller ones to come out of hiding. Eric has identified a cute little chickadee (chestnut-backed), but there’s another very similar one without the chestnut back we haven’t pinned down yet. Then there are the usual Juncos and sparrows… not to mention the herons and kingfishers and ducks cruising up and down the creek. Life is good! I’m working at getting better shots, but there’s so much shrubby stuff between me and the birds and the kinglets are incredibly fast!!! Sorry to rave on… I’m just getting excited about the life that is returning to our yard after some years of neglect.

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