Juvenile Red-shouldered Hawk

During my visit last week at Blackwater NWR, I also had the pleasure of watching and photographing this juvenile Red-shouldered Hawk, who had its focus on the marsh grasses below.

_DSC0198-1 12219

Juvenile Red-shouldered Hawk


The hawk changed its perch, landing lower and closer to me.  The little birds were alarming frantically in the marsh grasses around me, some flitting about in and out of the reeds.  The hawk was watching them.

_DSC0062-1 12219

Juvenile Red-shouldered Hawk


I started fearing the worse.  I really didn’t want to watch this beautiful hawk catch his meal.

Another perch change, with a heads-up look at me.  Of course, it knew I was there, even though I barely moved the whole time.

_DSC0075-1 12219

Juvenile Red-shouldered Hawk


Then the young Red-shouldered Hawk went back to his/her focus into the grasses below.

I decided then it was time to move on and leave the hawk to its task.   It was best for the both of us.



25 thoughts on “Juvenile Red-shouldered Hawk

  1. Hello Donna,
    What a beautiful young bird! I think can understand when you say it was best for you to move on and let the hawk do what it must. As always, thanks for sharing.

    • Thank you, Takami, and you’re welcome! When he/she flew to the perch right in front of me, I couldn’t believe it. Yes, we hate to see the catch and struggle that happens, but it’s that cycle we know.

  2. I love hawks, and your photos are beautiful! Thanks for sharing. We are headed to Blackwater today and I hope to see lots of bald eagles and some red headed woodpeckers – maybe even a Delmarva fox squirrel. I will check out your special spot for the squirrels!

    • Thank you, Susan, and you’re welcome! I hope you had a day full of wildlife, it was certainly gorgeous weather for them to all venture out! Looking forward to your photos. 🙂

    • Thank you, David! I couldn’t believe he/she flew closer and lower to me, I guess it was more hungry than having any concern with me. If it had dove into the grasses, I’d have probably screamed at it, lol.

    • Thank you, Belinda! I was shocked he/she flew down and perfched in front of me. I loved the over-the-shoulder and started shooting away until I realized it cared more about the little birds than me standing right there. I said to myself, “Not on my clock you’re not” and left, lol.

  3. I love the young Red-shouldered Hawk. Your photos are always magnificent, Donna. Thank you.

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